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Read and understand the assorted etiquettes to be observed and rites to be performed throughout your blessed stay in the Haramain. This information is accessible in any customary textbook on Hajj and Umrah. Our advice to you is to comply with only one customary textual content and to use one other one for reference.

Start your "homework" in Ramadhaan as it offers you an ample opportunity for revision and as well as you will get a number of blessings for this Ibaadaat being carried out within the holy month of Ramadhaan.

If you do not understand something, do not hesitate to ask any of the discovered Ulemaa. On the same time, jot down your question for future reference.

Hajj & Umrah Tutorials

Attend all Hajj courses in your locality. During these lessons do not be shy to ask any questions, no matter how trivial or petty they could seem to be. Don't be shocked if even the Ulemaa are unable to reply instantly, as they could defer answering you till the following Majlis. Additionally, all those present at that Majlis will profit, a method or another, out of your queries.

Do not hold a personal viewers with the Aalim after the Majlis because your colleagues won't stand to benefit out of your private query.

Essential Dates to Take Observe of

Through the years the next dates have been pursued by the Saudi authorities in issuing visas, last date of entry into Saudi Arabia and last date of journey inside the kingdom. Word that these dates are in response to the Islamic date prevailing in Saudi Arabia and not necessarily the identical because the one in your nation, hence make the necessary changes when planning journey(!)

1. Last day for visa software is twenty fifth of Zil Qadh.
2. Last day for pilgrims to arrive in Saudi Arabia by land is end of Zil Qadh (assume 29th!).
3. Final day for pilgrims to reach in Saudi Arabia by air or sea at Jeddah ports utilizing particular highways is 4th of Zil Hajj.
4. Last day for pilgrims to arrive in Saudi Arabia by sea at other ports is finish of Zil Qadh.
5. Last day for pilgrims to arrive in Madinah by air is finish of Zil Qadh.
6. Last day of travel by pilgrims from Jeddah to Madinah by car is twenty sixth of Zil Qadh.
7. Last day of journey by pilgrims from Jeddah to Madinah by air is finish of Zil Qadh.
8. Final day of journey by pilgrims from Madinah to Makkah by automotive is 5th of Zil Hajj.
9. Final day of travel by pilgrims from Madinah to Jeddah by air is 6th of Zil Hajj.
10. The validity of visas for those pilgrims who come by air expires between finish of Zil Hajj and tenth of Muharram.

New Visa Rules

These have been revised as from 1422 AH (2001) and are set out beneath as a normal reference, as there are slight variations from nation to country. Visas will now not be issued till lodging and transportation have been paid for prematurely as described below.

1. You need to make your bookings by way of an appointed journey agent in your locality who is formally representing a Saudi-primarily HP (hajjpackages.info) based travel agent or affiliated with Saudi Ministry of Hajj travel agency.

2. Your native agent will advise and guide for you your flight, transport within Saudi Arabia and accommodation arrangements for Makkah and Madinah, the payment of which shall be achieved to him prior to your departure.

3. Your local journey agent will then inform the Saudi embassy of your particulars, proof of cost and itinerary.

4. He will in flip be issued with your visa, (normally within two weeks), once the embassy is satisfied with all of the documentation provided by you.

5. Your local agent will then furnish you with names, phone numbers and addresses of your contact individuals in Makkah and Madinah.

6. Amongst the documentation required for visa approval are the next:
• Proof of Mahram accompanying single grownup female.
• Legitimate international immunisation certificate. (This schedule varies from country to country).
• Proof of cash being taken.
• Proof of your standing as a Muslim, particularly if in case you have a "non-Muslim" sounding name. (Normally a letter out of your native Muslim society is enough).
• Birth certificates of kids if accompanying you.
• Marriage certificate for married females.

7. Umrah visas may not be issued greater than once in any given Islamic year.

8. When visas are issued to families, all dependants should enter and go away the dominion together.

Pay as you go Lodging

Before 2001, you might go searching, (each in Makkah and Madinah), for accommodation on arrival there. This isn't the case now as outlined above.

Hotels/apartments/boarding homes of varying categories are found within the vicinity of each the Haramain - the nearer to the Haram, the costlier the establishment. The rates also vary in accordance with provide and demand at certain instances of the 12 months, relying on whether the season is low, mid, excessive or peak.

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