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Although primarily found to treatment body ache solely, now this historic therapy proved useful for curing several well being conditions. Scientific researchers have proven that it really works like magic on migraines and the back pain. The therapy is efficient in healing many clinical manifestations of exterior pathogens, which harbors on the level of the skin. The Hijama releases toxins; de acidifies tissues, and boosts blood circulation. It releases harmful chemical compounds from the body, which cut back stress and depression.

This process entails creating negligible pressure to the interior organ. It may be utilized at anyplace within the body. Nonetheless, it's mostly performed on the web site of ache, although the normal method tells about utilizing it solely six optimum factors of the body.

Illnesses that may be cured by the Hijama Remedy are as follows:-

1. Back pain
2. Arthritic Pain
3. Hair Loss
4. Bronchial asthma
5. Pores and skin drawback
6. Fertility problem
7. Abdomen issues
8. Migraines
9. Headache
10. Interval Ache
11. Accidents
12. Cellulite
13. Fatigue
14. Anemia
15. Melancholy
16. Emotional issues
17. Atrophy
18. Sciatica
19. Frequent cold and Flu
20. Weight reduction and many more

As per the Islamic prophet, Hijama is the very best remedy. Newest Science proved that this remedy strengthen the immune system. Ample move of diet to the affected tissues, stimulation of blood and lymph flow is the premise of curing so many health problems. Hijama also activates the operate of the organs; it can be used for treating liver and kidney issues as well.

The remedy is predicated on cupping. At historic period, horns were used as cups, but now the metallic, glass or plastic cups are used. Some therapists, even use machines, as an alternative of the cups.

Nonetheless, this therapeutic process warns in opposition to over cupping. Traditionally cupping was used only at six optimum factors of the body, to scrub the entire cardiovascular system.

The standard Hijama Method is as follows:-

The normal technique confers that pain occurs in the body due to stagnation of blood and Qi or the body energy. The location of cupping is shaved at first, to make sure the tight seal of the cup with the skin. A small piece of paper or cotton is burned contained in the vessel, to make it sterile. This additionally makes the vessel stick to the pores and skin, which is important to perform this process.

The modern therapeutic use two sorts of cupping, the dry cupping and the moist cupping.

1. As per the dry cupping, only the cups are placed with suction. An Incision is not made so the blood will not be removed from the skin.

2. The wet cupping is the process that says about creating incisions, after inserting of the suction hacamat cup. It lets out the blood and pus from the body.

Cups which can be used for Hijama to create a pulling power in the skin. It causes pain discount and mobilizes the immune system, which makes it strong and releases energy.

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